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Rounds 4 Research: Bid for foursomes and golf packages at first-class courses across North and South Carolina. Proceeds benefit turfgrass research programs at North Carolina State University and Clemson University.
North Carolina Cooperative Extension
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - NC State University
Turfgrass Council of North Carolina The North Carolina Turfgrass Research & Education Foundation (NCTF)
North Carolina Sports Turf Association
North Carolina Sod Producers Association


Students identifing grasses. We offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs that answer the need for highly trained individuals at all levels of our occupation. For students wishing to gain technical expertise, the turfgrass management curricula leading to an Associate's degree is available in the Agricultural Institute. Students wanting a Bachelor of Science degree also have curricula in turfgrass management from which to choose. The demand in the turf industry and graduate school for baccalaureate TAT graduates continues to be strong, and due to the growth of golf course and athletic facilities, demand is expected to increase.

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